News –, Lithuanian border guards detain smuggled Belarusian cigarettes worth almost 2 mln euros, on July 21, 2021 4:26 AM at 4:26 AM

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Minsk Capital MS cigarettes were transported in planks, while the truck was driven by a Belarusian. Lithuanian customs officers and border guards have detained the contraband cargo on Monday, July 12, reports, citing the Customs Service of Lithuania.

Lithuanian border guards arrested a shipment of smuggled Belarusian cigarettes. Photo:

A consignment of cigarettes was found in a Scania truck. The driver – a citizen of Belarus – claimed that he was carrying 20.5 tons of wood in transit through Lithuania to Poland. While tapping the cargo, border guards heard a sound characteristic of filled cavities. A detailed inspection revealed caches in the boards in which the cigarettes were transported.

According to preliminary data, the truck may have contained about 560,000 packs of cigarettes worth about 1.94 million euros.

The driver was detained for two days and then released, but his documents were confiscated. He also signed a written undertaking not to leave and paid a cash bail.

, Cigarettes were transported in planks, the truck was driven by a Belarusian