News –, Belarusian MP Marzalyuk urges to put certain teachers on list of potential extremists, on October 12, 2021 8:56 AM at 8:56 AM

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The Deputy of the House of Representatives Ihar Marzalyuk believes that teachers and professors who deviate from the version of the World War II events, approved by the authorities, should be recognized as extremists and deprived of their right to the profession.

He recently said this on the “Editors’ Club” program on TV channel Belarus 1.

“If a professor or any other history teacher in a university or secondary or vocational school allows himself to stuff students with false surrogate material during a lesson or lecture, they should be banned from the profession and put on the list of people prone to extremist actions. And this must be regulated at the level of a legislative act,” he noted.

As we have earlier reported, representatives of the Lukashenka regime use the terms “extremism” and “destructive activity” to designate any manifestation of protest sentiments and dissent.

Against the background of the political crisis and mass protests in Belarus, the authorities significantly edited school history textbooks for propaganda purposes. Currently, the textbooks equate the Belarusian national symbols with the symbols of the Nazis. They emphasize that the collaborators used white-red-white symbols during World War II, and there is an absurd statement that the words “Zhyve Belarus” (Long Live Belarus) are similar to the “Heil Hitler” greeting.

, He believes they should also lose right to do their job.